Laura Lizbeth



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Behind the wheel

For me, a good ceramic piece is a vessel or sculpture that displays the contrast from aesthetic elements that bring the piece into balance.

Grounded but uplifting, Stable but delicate, rough but elegant, matt and gossy, feminine and masculine.

I like to explore the variations and combinations of aspects that makes a piece whole. And as you see it, you want to touch it, hold it in your hands, eat from it and feel it on your lips.

I invite you to explore my ceramic work and enjoy what I have enjoyed creating.

The Clay

The material used is a unique Earthenware clay made and prepared here at the Ceramic studio in Berlin. This clay is beautiful to work with from its rich red/brown colouring and the silkiness on the hands. The clay is fired at a final temperature of 1050°C and comes out of the kiln an earthy orange red colour that lightly shimmers when polished after trimming.

The Ceramic Studio

Located in the Northern outskirts of Berlin, you will find a quaint little artist hub where Felix Reinhard Mields set up his own Ceramic workshop and glazing laboratory some 40 years ago. He collected and restored old ceramic machines, built his own kiln and developed a unique clay recipe which we prepare directly in house/workshop. Over the years the workshop has became a welcoming gathering point for people of all ages who enjoy in the art of ceramics.

Here I completed my apprenticeship as a ceramic artist and continue to work alongside Felix to create beautiful pottery.