Hi, I'm Laura.

I have been painting faces since 2011.

It started out with the need for a costume and suddenly I had a full kit of colours. Woops, how did that happen? 

I taught myself how to paint by looking at pictures, talking with other Facepainters and experimenting.

Painting is how I share my passion with others.

I grew up in Australia in the Dandenong Ranges.

In 2015 I moved to Berlin, taking full advantage of the European Bodypainting events.


There is a lot of planning and practice to get quick and percise with each design. As a face painter you need to be spontanious and learn to go with the flow.   You learn how to paint moving faces as perfectly as the still ones. Occasionally waking up children that fall asleep in your hands - who would have thought that getting your face painted is unbeliveably relaxing. 



Over the years I have entered many Body painting competitions around Europe, the highlight being


These competitions have been to challenge myself and I have learnt many valuable skills along the way, not only about painting.

There is a huge amount of preparation, not to mention the concentration and pressure on the day to complete the design in only a few hours - it is an incredible challenge. 


11. # World Award

- Brush and Sponge - 2018

6. # Munich Bodypaint Trophy

- Open Category - 2017

7. # World Amature Award

- open Category- 2017


10. # French Award

- Open Category - 2017

10 # Leipzig  Bodypaint Trophy

- Open Category - 2017

1. # Euro Award 

- Face painting - 2016

2. # French Award

- Brush and Sponge - 2016

5. # World Amature Award

- Brush and Sponge - 2016 

27. # World Amature Award

- Brush and Sponge - 2015

Laura Lizbeth
Laura Lizbeth