The Market Stand

In 2020 Laura and Norbert obtained a pre-owned beautiful market tent that was used for over 10 years in markets around Europe. The robust canvas tent is a natural fabric fiber that when wet, expands, making the tent waterproof. It was clear that this tent had

The original structure had a table in the middle that held up the canvas. This layout was not ideal to display the ceramics the way Laura and Norbert visioned. so, they needed a structure to support the canvas. Sketches and scribbles, notes, lists and measurements were pondered over for months to develope a space that complimented the concept of the ceramics. Laura even made a mini model out of sticks and wire to get a feeling of the new structure. The stand is just as important as the ceramics. 

The stand needed to be stable, easily assembled and compact packdown for transport. Norbert busied himself with the joint design of the stand. He is a trained cabinet maker and appreciates rustic and ancient wood working craftmanship. The mortise and tenon joint secured with a wooden peg fitted the criteria and aestetic Laura and Norbert wanted. Round wood would have been beautiful to work with, only that it was diffilcult to source and would be a lot heavier to assemble and transport. The chosen wood was mostly based on practicality - easlity obtained, strong and light weight. 

The Build

The stand needs to lay flat for transport.